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I can't find bank transaction in my quick book from last quater


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Hi there, robby3.


There are lots of possible reasons why transactions are not downloading. They include:

  • A connection issue between your bank and QBO.
  • The financial institution's server is offline.
  • Error messages or codes that require you to perform a task. 


In the meantime, we'll have to perform some troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue.


To start with, let's update the bank connection manually. We can do that by going to the Banking tab and then selecting Banking. Then, click Update.


Since you don't see the transactions from the last quarter, we'll have to import the other items manually.


Then, we can log in to your bank's website and check to see if there's ongoing maintenance.


Once done, you can categorise and reconcile the transactions.


Of course, you're welcome to post some more questions if you need anything else. Keep safe!