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Is it possible to shut off the automatic numbering of Sales Receipts?

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Hi Kport,


Welcome to the QuickBooks community! This is a great place to find answers to your questions, whether you're using the search bar for available articles and past questions or asking a question of your own. I can definitely answer this one.


Numbering transactions in QuickBooks Desktop is ideal for keeping track of and easily finding them later. If the automatic number that QuickBooks has picked isn't what you need it to be, feel free to change it when you're creating the transaction. You can even remove the number completely, but keep in mind this may complicate finding the transaction later. QuickBooks will also automatically continue numbering any new transactions, but you can continue to remove the numbers when you create a transaction.


If you're simply not wanting the numbers to appear on the screen and printed version of the form, customize the form template used. That way, you're not seeing the number on the screen, but the program is still numbering and keeping track of it in the background. There are a couple of ways to do it, but here's how it's done directly from the transaction.

  1. On the transaction, click the Formatting tab in the upper part of the transaction window.
  2. Click Customize Data Layout.
  3. On the Header tab, uncheck the boxes for Sale Number.
  4. Click OK to save.

Unchecking the box for Screen will remove the number box from your sales receipt transaction creation window, although the program will continue to number the transactions. The Print checkbox controls if the number appears on the PDF and printed forms.


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I hope that helps! I'll be here if you have more questions. :)