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Hello, i was just wondering if there is a way to photo capture/or import receipts right into 'Projects' -expense

QuickBooks Team

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Hello and welcome!


It's awesome to hear that you'd like to use both QuickBooks Online's Projects and Receipts features together. I can absolutely appreciate how this would speed up managing your books and making sure figures are sorted where they need to be. I'll gladly go over this with you.


The Receipts feature is still fairly new to QuickBooks Online Canada and is a great tool for categorizing and adding your expenses from a receipt image that you've either taken or imported. When you add a receipt to the program, you have the option to edit the details to make sure everything is just right before adding it. It's on that edit screen where you'll be able to assign it to a project as well.


After taking the picture or uploading it, follow these instructions while working from the browser.

  1. Hover over Banking in the left menu and choose Receipts.
  2. Click Review for the image of the receipt.
  3. Fill out the supplier and other details as needed.
  4. Scroll down to the Customer field and choose the project from the list.
  5. Click Save and Next when ready.
  6. Review the details and click Create expense to finish.

Now when you go to the project, the receipt should be there among the other transactions you've created for the job.


It's a fairly straightforward process, so I think you'll get the hang of it in no time. Don't worry if you're stuck though! I'm here to help and would be happy to get you on track.


Have a great day. :)