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Hi userarlanlitwin,


Exporting your company information to excel is a great way to help customize your QuickBooks Online experience. I can help walk you through how to export to excel.


QuickBooks Online makes exporting your information to excel easy so you can always have a copy. There are a few differences between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and one difference is the ability to update an existing worksheet through export. In QuickBooks Online you can download an excel document by following the steps in this article but you'll need to manually update your excel workbook to include this information. You can also look for a third party app that can help you export to an existing workbook by going to Apps on the left hand side to look for one that will suit your needs.


If you wish to have the ability to export to an existing workbook in QuickBooks Online, you can send feedback to our developers by following these steps.


  1. Select the Gear icon at the top, then Feedback.
  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions then select Next.
  3. You'll be provided a list of suggested Help articles related to your comment. You can read through them or select Skip and send message.
  4. From the drop-down, choose the appropriate category, then select Send message.

Hope this helps!