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Hi delerium,


Making sure your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date is a great way to ensure you have all the features and fixes that it includes. I'd be happy to go over how to update your QuickBooks Desktop and posting in the Canadian community.


Updating your program is a quick and painless process that you can set up to automatically do using the automatic update feature. The current update for QuickBooks Desktop 2021 would be Release 3 or R3 which included a few new updates and bug fixes which can be found here. In order to find out if your QuickBooks Desktop is currently updated to Release 3 you can press the F2 key or CTR+1. This will bring up your product information page which will tell you at the top which update it is on. If it's not the most up to date release you can manually download it from our website by going here and selecting the country, version and year. Once you hit search it'll bring up the product page with the version of 2021 you're using. From there you can select get the latest updates to download the newest releaseYou can also download the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop from there and reinstall using the new install wizard.


As for the community post there is a known issue when trying to access it from inside the product or through the ask the community link. Instead of bringing you to the proper place to post a question it sends you to our news page which posts cant be made on. Our technicians are aware of this and are working to get it resolved as fast as possible. A current work around is to go to the community site directly and go to: Community>QuickBooks Q & A>Other Questions. This will bring you to the correct page where you can make a post or find posts others have made that can help.


Hope this helps!