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Intuit Trust Pay has sent payments to Canada Revenue Agency but they can't located it. Need to provide a transaction number or code?

This automatic payment from my corp account to INTUIT TRUST PAY was for payroll which included Fed Inc Tax, EI, CPP and BC Inc Tax which was sent to CRA. They can't find any record of receiving it. There should be a transaction # or some way of proving that the deductions were sent to CRA. That is what I need help with. Thank you. Bruce
QuickBooks Team

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Hi brucelong,


Being able to track your payroll liability payments is an instrumental part of running payroll. I can help show you how to track your payroll liability payments to the CRA.


QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll add-on makes paying your liabilities a breeze to help you save time. If you have your payroll set up to file your liabilities automatically for you then you can run the Receiver General or the Invoice report to see what has been paid and when. In order to know more about what's included in these reports or how to run them you can follow the steps in this article. At this time there is no transaction number that is included with these payments. If you wish to have a transaction number included when these payments are made you can submit feedback to our developers by following these steps.


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  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions then select Next.
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Hope this helps!