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The payments on the CC from the bank account are downloading twice--once in the bank and once when the CC is downloaded. How do I stop this?

QuickBooks Team

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Hello pat37,


Our Banking feature is designed to help business owners like you stay organized. Since the program is easy to navigate, I'll be glad to walk you through on how you can take care of the duplicate transactions. 


Once you've connected your credit card/bank with your QuickBooks account, you won't have to worry about manually adding the transaction yourself as that's done automatically in the background. Here's how to delete the duplicate transactions: 

  1. Go to the Banking menu or Transactions menu, then select the Banking tab.
  2. Select the For Review or the Categorized tab.
  3. Select the checkbox of the transactions to exclude.
  4. Select Exclude.

Once you've done this, the transaction moves to the Excluded tab of the Banking page. If you accidentally exclude the wrong transaction, that’s easy to fix. Just select the Excluded tab, select the checkbox for the transaction, and then select Undo. The transaction goes back to the For Review tab so you can decide what to do with it again.


Going forward, I recommend hitting the Update button from the Banking page vs downloading the transactions again. If you need more info on connecting credit cards to QuickBooks, check out this article here. Let me know if you have other questions, I'm here to help.


Enjoy the rest of your day! :)