Level 3

Overpayment of a bill

A $2000 over payment was made on a bill. The supplier is aware and I believe they are just going to give a credit towards a future purchase. How do I process the transaction in the downloads?

When I tried to match the cheque payment transaction to the 9 invoices that it was paying, QB told me that the selected and downloaded transactions did not match. They cannot match because the cheque total was incorrect.

It tells me to resolve the difference. How do I do that?

Do I have to create a supplier credit before I do the matching? If I create a credit will it show on the bill list so I can check it and add it with the invoice payments so the totals will match and the transaction can be categorized.

I have only been using Quickbooks for 4 months and have not encountered this situation before.

Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks again!