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Other Questions

Thanks Talia, yes they called twice in 2 minutes last night after I had finished work as they work different hours!! I had to accommodate their call by giving my private mobile number and they called as I was collecting my daughter from School and did not try again, frustrating when I had spent 2 lots of 20 minutes plus on hold waiting to speak to them earlier in the day.  The previous evening with my mobile and laptop at the ready from 5.30pm until 11pm!!! Pretty frustrating! 

I have had to call the helpline this morning to ask them to call me again, they did not leave a number and the number they called on was not returnable (I tried!) and they did not send an email either, they haven't sent an email in almost a month other than to send me the case number on the 20th April!  Really frustrating as I have had to chase this at every stage! 


I finish work at 1pm today (our Office closes then!)  and have had to ask them to call my private mobile again to try and resolve this!!! I have agreed to speak with Michael on Monday to try and make sure this is moved along.  I will be cancelling the online Quickbooks on Monday if this is not resolved and claiming my money back! 


Thanks for your message, perhaps if your team could call me within working hours this would all be sorted by now!  It seems only I have to put Myself out to sort this and am I not the paying Customer here!