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Re: VAT Accounting Dates Don't Match Up

We had this error/message when filing our first return through QBO.  Eventually, I found a fix that was quick and easy to apply once I found out where to look.

Posting here in case anybody else gets this issue:

We successfully filed our return for 01/02/2019 - 30/04/2019 but QBO showed the 'VAT accounting dates don't match up' message.

When I looked in the settings under 'Edit VAT' > 'Edit settings' it showed the 'Effective date for new scheme' was set to 30/04/2019.  I believe this was the date where MTD submissions become mandatory for us, but we had started using QBO/MTD early.


Changing this date to 01/02/2019 and saving cleared the message and changed it to 'It’s time to record that payment.'


If you're seeing this error on your first MTD submission via QBO, it might be worth checking that date.