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HI Talial,


Thanks for quick response!!


Let me brief you with the situation, we are having 10 users license for Quick Books Enterprise Solutions 14.0 (UK version); data file has been stored on server; data file size approximate 500 MB.


We are in service sector some of the services are taxable at flat 15% and rest exempted from VAT; apart from the VAT there is no any other tax and using Quick Books to raise invoices, to maintain AR, AP & expenses as well.


We are encountering an error i.e. at several occasion application is not responding or it will not allow to do anything to the user and forced to abort the program, that's why we are worried about company data file in case if something goes wrong.


We want to increase number of users from 10 to 15 and also to can we create year-wise data file for previous 4 years.


Kindly suggest us all the available option.


Thank You