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Just an update to everyone: I found a workaround for this issue by using a secondary ISP to connect to the activation server to get quickbooks to work. So in short it could be a ISP that is blocking or has issues communicating with Quickbooks activation servers. However, we can never know for sure without the answer to my initial question. 


 I would like to make a statement here and that the support for this issue is very dissatisfying, 7 months and still cant get a answer. I think that not only myself but others have clearly stated that the issues we are having has nothing to do with the desktop, server manager, or windows ports internally. We simply just need to know what server does QuickBooks communicate with in order to activate, no local server, no windows, or anything internal. 


Quickbooks desktop --> Activation server  is all I need. I am trying to identify what remote server I cannot connect to on which ISP. My issue has now returned and I cant keep jumping around from ISP to ISP just to 'workaround'. 


If i know what remote server the activation service uses (ports or domain name). then i can report this to my ISP and they can try resolve why quickbooks will not or cannot activate or communicate with license sync. 


If any support tech has this information that can be provided not only for my issue but clearly multiple people globally. That would be appreciated.


I have attached a screen shot of the window I am referring to, with quickbooks trying to sync but it will fail. Thank you.