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I cannot open file QuickBooks in server. The pop-up warning " QuickBooks was unable to open the image file. You may not have sufficient rights ti the data directory".

I used QuickBooks old version and select file in my server. The pop-up show the problem when I select "OK" the program return to "no company open". I tried to restart my computer but I cannot open file. If I restart my server, user can log in to use file. But I log off and log in again, the pop-up warning shows the problem. Please suggest how to fix? Thank you very much.

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I appreciate the steps that you've done to resolve your server issue, Sukitw.


I'm here to help you resolve it. Let's to configure your database server to open your company file.


Here's how:

  1. Install QuickBooks database server manager.
  2. Update QuickBooks database server manager.
  3. Set up and use the QuickBooks database server manager.

For the detailed instructions for these steps, kindly refer to this article: Install, Update, and Set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


Let me know if you need further help about the configuration of your database. I'm always here to help. 


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Dear Joyce_P


    Thank you for your answer. My QuickBooks Version is 6.0. It is very old and I tried to uninstall antivirus program. I will try to use if I fine the problem again. I will let you know.