Level 15

Other questions

What you are doing wrong is using the Expenses tab for your Job Tracked entries. Everything you do for Jobs should be entered using the Item on the Items tab.


You set up a Two Sided item to show something you incur is something you also sell. You list it on the Purchase and Job track it here. The Job reporting relies on the use of Items. Now you use Add Time & Costs for the sales receipt or invoice and select the Items from the Items tab.


The point is to use items, for quantity, cost and price related to that same named thing.


Items will flow data to the accounts, and allows you to avoid micro-managing the Accounts. The best reference for Accounts is the tax form this entity files. The IRS doesn't care how many hours or how much I paid for Painters, Drywall, Lumber, Building Permits, Electrician, Flooring, Appliances. But I do, and I want to use that on Estimates, Purchase, and Sales, to manage everything and analyze everything and maintain profitability.


Please see my attachment.