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Hello, @danish18.


I appreciate you elaborating the situation thoroughly. Let me help share some information about class and custom fields in QuickBooks.


The detailed steps you've provided won't work if it's intended to track the class automatically for an item. I've tried replicating this in my end, however, even if you have the custom field for an item, you'll still have to manually select or type in the class when creating your invoice.





It would be great if we have this kind of work around in tracking the lot number just like the Enterprise version. I'll ensure to send a feedback report regarding this suggestion to our Product Developers.


You might want to check out these helpful articles below for more information about class tracking and custom fields.


How to Use Class Tracking in QuickBooks

Use QuickBooks Desktop custom fields 



That said, if you need help with anything, please feel free to contact us using the contact link in QuickBooks.


Here's how:


  1. On your QuickBooks, press F1 and select Contact us.
  2. Type in your question and click the Search tab.
  3. Click the Start a Message tab.


Keep me posted if you have additional questions about classes and custom templates. I'll be here to help however I can.