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How to print packing list for multiple customers at once

I am in the premier retail edition.  How do I print packing lists for all the customers that will be getting a delivery tomorrow?

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I’m glad to see you in the Community, @MCsandhills.


It’s my pleasure to walk you through the steps to print a packing slip for your customers in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can use the Sales Order Fulfillment feature to print multiple packing slips and create invoices all in one tool. Here’s how:
1.    Go to the Customers menu and select Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet
2.    Select all your customers’ sales orders from the list.
3.    Choose Packing Slips.
4.    Click Print.




For more information about this feature, please check out this article: Pack tab in Sales Order Fulfillment.


That should answer your question for today. Touch base with me here if you need anything else, I’ll be more than happy to help. Take care and enjoy the weekend!

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Thank you so much for the help!


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You're most welcome, MCsandhills. 


If you need anything else, please let us know. We'll be right here to help 

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Is there a way to do this outside of the sales order fulfillment worksheet?  While this would normally be great to do, the vendor purchasing system that we use that feeds into QB brings the items in as non stock items and so orders would not show in here that do not have any stock items.  We have to invoice the orders so that a packing list would show shipped and backordered items correctly.  Currently I go into every sales order, create an invoice for it, change the invoice number to the sales order if it does not match print a packing list and then save and close and go to the next order.  For 60 sales orders this takes a long time.  I tried changing the invoice form to Packing List and leaving the print box checked after creating the invoice, but the next day when I send the invoice to the customer it seems to take more time to then change the form to the Invoice and then pick email or print later option.

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It's great to have you back, @MCsandhills,


I appreciate you sharing your feedback about this. Allow me to step in for a moment and share additional insights about printing packing list in QuickBooks.


Currently, QuickBooks Desktop allows you to print your packing slips one at a time or through the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.


Being able to do this outside the Fulfillment Worksheet would be a great and time-saving feature to have in QuickBooks, most especially if have transactions from a third-party application. While this is currently not an option at the moment, you can follow the steps provided by my peer KhimG, to get the shipping documents from your vendor purchasing system printed in QuickBooks.


That should get your work done, @MCsandhills. Please feel free to mention me if you need further assistance or need help with Quickbooks. I'd be delighted to work with you again. Have a great day!