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Assessing Finance Charges

After I assess finance charges, I then get an error message when I try to back up saying that Quickbooks and found problems in our company file and can not back up.  I have tried to rebuild and it says that errors can't be fixed.  This happened in January and I contacted support and they eventually had to send our file to data services for repair and then I had to download it and restore the company file so I could backup, but apparently whatever the cause of this is when I assess finance charges was not fixed because this month it now did it again.  I probably will have to have the company file sent to data services again to be fixed but does anyone know what would be causing this in the first place?  I backup everyday and it works fine any other time until I assess finance charges. I did see after the finance charges were put on that if I clicked on one of them on a clients account, when it opens I get a error message also.