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Intuit 1099 service link wiped out Quickbooks Online user account.

Hi there, Im a quickbooks desktop/online user for an entertainment company that works with various musicians/entertainers. 


I caught an expense for a musician that was over the $600 threshold, but I wasn't tracking him for 1099's. I got his SSN from him and submitted it using the intuit service. 


He received the electronic notification via email, and clicked the link. It asked him if he was an existing Quickbooks user and to sign in if so. He did, and upon doing so, was brought to a completely blank profile. All his existing QB info is now missing (see screenshot). 


I feel terrible about this and am hoping to be able to give him some guidance. I can't imagine in a million years why signing in to pick up a 1099 would wipe out his entire account. He already tried signing out and signing back in. Since its online, he doesn't have an offline company file to restore from so I don't really know what to tell him here. 


Im guessing something happened here that pushed him to an option to create a new account if he didn't have one, but he did have one and is now in free trial mode. I just don't understand how it wouldn't have recognized the same email was already being used for an existing account. 



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Hi there, @ExtraMeasureLLC.


I'd appreciate you for providing a complete detail and a screenshot about  your concern. Allow me to give some information on how viewing 1099 works.


Is your client's old account QuickBooks Self-Employed or QuickBooks Online? One possible reason why you're client didn't saw his information is because he created a new QuickBooks Self-Employed account instead of accessing his existing account.


If your client's existing account is QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can let him try to access his account using his full email address as the username. You can access QuickBooks Self-Employed via https://selfemployed.intuit.com/login.


While you can sign in to QuickBooks Online via https://c70.qbo.intuit.com/c70/v1810.568/0/login?redirect=true.


For additional insights, you may check out this article: Invite a contractor to add their own 1099 tax info.


If the issue persists, there would be a need for us to locate your client's account on a secured environment and verify its subscription type.  I'd recommend letting your client contact our Customer Care Team.


Please don't hesitate to visit us here in the Community if you have other questions about preparing 1099 for your vendors. I'm here to help.

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Hi, thanks for the response. His account was a Quickbooks user account and it apparently signed him up for a trial of self-employed when he logged in using his existing ID and Password. 


User error, but at the same time, QB should probably pay more attention to cross checking email addresses that are associated with existing user accounts before taking them to a completely blank QB-style interface. 

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Thank you for adding a reply, @ExtraMeasureLLC.


Allow me to join the thread and help share additional information about using QuickBooks accounts.


It's possible that your client doesn't have an existing Self-Employed account reason that he is asked to sign up for a new trial. As mentioned by my colleague juVielL, if your client has the existing or old account for QuickBooks Self-Employed, he can access his account using his full email address as the username.

We have lots of QuickBooks products and each product uses a unique URL or website to login. To learn more, you can visit our QuickBooks Login site: QuickBooks Login.


Please let me know if you have any other QuickBooks concerns by adding a comment below, I'll be always here to help you. Have a good day ahead!