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Deleting a Recon_Invoice

For some reason, on a few of my customer files.. there is the Recon Payment and then a Recon_Invoice payment showing of same amount. The payment was only processed once on the customer's credit card -- but I am showing two "payments" of same amount under customer file... while then links to our AccuLynx program showing in both the customer has an overpayment. It won't let me delete on without deleting the "deposit" it says.. but I don't know where to find this so called deposit. And I don't want to reverse the payment, it just needs to show one payment record for the transaction. HELP! Also -- why is is doing this? It doesn't do it on all my customer files... just some. And I check the transcation history to make sure there is not double charges, there is not. Just one transaction but then has essentially two "payment receipts" in customer file for the same charge.


Photo is attached.