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Re: Contact Phone number

This new and "improved" customer services sucks worse than any customer service I have ever had to use. The recent "improvements" to QB online are enough to make me ditch the company and I have been an Intuit user for well over a decade. When QB online has problems, and it regularly does, not being able SPEAK TO A HUMAN is incredibly frustrating. It has taken HOURS to resolve an issue that should have taken 20min with a phone call because I am having to use chat and the overeager chat agents close cases before they are resolved. Worse customer service ever that wastes tons of time. This is the straw that is breaking the camels back.
I started a chat yesterday at 12:16 and it ended at 14:56 with the agent saying they would email me info. First, it took FOREVER to get the agent to understand what I needed. The directions the agent gave me did not work and it took time to get the master admin user to log in and try  the directions (they didn't work for her either btw). When I didn't respond to the agent's email within 12hrs, the agent sent a happy little emails saying she assumed everything worked and closed the case. I had to call a client, who is a doctor over 300miles away with back to back patients, and get them to log into their account. That takes more than 12 hrs. 
Now, I am back on chat with another agent with a new case going through the same problem again. We started chatting at 19:46 and it is now 20:36. I think I have FINALLY gotten this agent to understand there is a backend problem not a user problem. This is frustrating and the worst. I am in and out of my office a lot and am a user on 10 different client QB accounts. I can't ask for a call and then wait around until I get a call back. And chatting is a soul-sucking miserable experience trying to get agents to understand what I need. At least if there was an option to share screen shots things might get done faster or at least I might be understood better.