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Merchant Center deposits not automatically matching to QBO transactions

Help! Please! I have talked to multiple QBO support reps over the phone and am yet to get an answer to this seemingly simple question. My business processes transactions through QuickBooks Online in the form of a Sales Receipt or an Invoice. When the deposits are downloaded into my QBO "banking" some deposits are automatically matched to their correct and corresponding transaction, while often times I have deposits that are not automatically matched to their corresponding transactions. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? Why is QBO and Merchant Center Payments properly matching some deposits correctly to their matching transactions and some are not?? I need to figure out how to make sure the deposits are ALWAYS properly matched to their transactions. Can anyone provide insight to why this is happening and how it can properly and permanently be fixed (without me having to manually match the deposits to transactions). I would be beyond grateful and appreciative for information that will help me resolve this inconvenient and stressful error. Thank you so much!