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I am having this exact same problem and NOTHING changes the behavior.


Using QB desktop 2016

There is no closing date set and there never has been.
It doesn't matter how many accounts are selected or not selected. If all the accounts EXCEPT 3900 are selected, SAME PROBLEM.

Trying to run detail reports for utility accounts + Subaccounts for the last 12 months - crossing over new years.

If I set the dates for last year, then the details of every transaction in the accounts show, but when I set it for any dates that include 12/31 - it ONLY shows retained earnings.
This is absurd.

No changes to the dates, or using any options in the account selections has changed this.
There are no options in the reports, I can't find any custom reports that won't do this.

Once again, a simple thing that makes using QB a PITA.. And yet we are forced to upgrade every three years.

Please tell me there is a way to solve this?