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Converting 2013 mac to 2019 windows

I am trying to convert my Mac QB over to my new PC with QB 2019 for windows already installed. I have followed the instructions step by step and I keep getting it to only rebuild to 43% then a unrecoverable error pops up, looks like it is saying its a text only file.
How do I get this to transfer all the way? Please Help!!

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Re: Converting 2013 mac to 2019 windows

Hi TTH, 


I appreciate the steps you've performed to get your company file converted. There are a few limitations for you to complete the QB Mac backup for QB Windows . Such as: 

  • Both QuickBooks for Mac and Windows should have the same year version. 
  • You should not enter any data in your QB Mac while it is still converting. 
  • You can't round trip to QuickBooks Enterprise because it can't produce a QB Mac backup. 

With regards to the unrecoverable errors, it could be that you have a missing Windows or QuickBooks updates, data damage or program codes that you'll need to repair. 


We can verify and rebuild your QB Mac first. Then, create a backup and lastly, convert again.


I'd be around to help you if you have further questions.