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This is not about a balance sheet. This is about reports on any given account.


I want to see ALL the transaction detail for an account & sub-accounts for a given range of dates that include 12/31. IE: 3/1/2018 to 3/1/2019

When I do this all I get is the retained earnings account + two transactions in 2019.


I have tried EVERY version of report I can find, every detailed option setting.


If I select to show ALL then I get transactions going back years + I it will not sort it by account.

If I choose to sort the all list by account (a possible option) then nothing is in date order.


It's just odd that there is not a way to toggle this especially when trying to do an analysis of monthly values when they cross over a year.... 

SO it is the same problem - it's just a different report.

and If  read the replys correctly - the OP didn't care that all the transactions showed up.


SO any advice on how to run reports that allow me to show year over year comparisons with dates that cross-over the yearly dates?