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Sales and Expenses REPORT(?) for accountant for VAT checks before filing (Face slap time)

So this is such a basic report I am sure I am missing something, although incredulously, a QB tech help person told me this report doesn't exist! No! can't be!!


My first VAT quarter submit to my accountant after going from QBDT. I had this report set up on desktop fine, but cannot find it on QBO.


I want to send him (he's not a QB accountant) the VAT DETAIL REPORT, but WITH my expense CATEGORY column added.  I've torn every hair out trying to find this report, or customising any other report but I can't get it!  My accountant needs to know what category of expense the spend was on, and I DO NOT want to have to add the column in his quarterly XLS spreadsheet and manually input each category of expense for him.


Surely this report must exist, right?  Or am I going to wake up and later tell someone I had this terrible nightmare where I dreamt QB had failed to produce this fundamental report and I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified...


Photographer, small business, not an accountant, new to QBO, but an old hand with Desktop QB