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QB Pro Desktop upgrade?

My company has a version of QB 2018 Desktop Pro which we use for the accounting for one of our companies.  We recently purchased another company, who also uses Quickbooks, but I am unable to open their QB file.  I keep getting the error message "Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2018 cannot open this company file because the file has been updated to a newer version of Quickbooks".  I have downloaded the newest version of QB 2018 Desktop Pro from the QB website, but I keep getting the same error message.  The recommended action is to "Upgrade your version of Quickbooks to the latest version".  Does this mean to get QB 2019?  or can we update our current 2018 version with the most recent software patches, and it should work?  I dont deal with QB on a daily basis, so this software is really testing my patience.  Help please?