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Re: When I filed with TurboTax this year, it gave me a free year of QB Self-Employed. I want to c...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your prompt reply!

However, that is a terrible policy. What good is a promotion for Product A that penalizes existing users of Product B by the same company? It's like getting a discount for the iPhone that says "Oops, can't use this if you already own a MacBook."

The two services are already nearly identical anyway—and yet, to my knowledge there is no way to easily port all my existing information and expenses from QBO to QBSE. Manually transferring all that data to a different QuickBooks would take me weeks that I definitely cannot spare, despite the fact that I'd be gaining next to zero new or improved features in the process.

I either need an easy, automated way to port my data from QBO to QBSE—which would be truly inconceivable for Intuit not to build into these apps—or to be directed to whoever has the ability to manually discount my QBO subscription. I know this is possible, every company says it's impossible and that's never the truth. I'd rather leave Intuit products completely than spend weeks redoing my books over such an ill-conceived promotion or keep paying for a year of service I've been supposedly offered for free.