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Thanks for getting back to us, johnfilas.


I appreciate sharing the result of the solution provided by my colleague. Allow me to step in for a moment and help ensure you can create a liability check for the mentioned liability above.

Just to clarify, did you also select the SEP IRA Employer? While waiting for the details, you’ll have to mark the liabilities that need to be paid when creating custom payments.


To accomplish this, you'll have to open the Create Custom Payments screen again and mark the payroll item. You can follow the steps provided by @JaneD.

This way, the SEP IRA company contribution, and employer portion will show up on the liability check. I'm attaching screenshots for visual reference.

sep1.pngsep2.pngThis information should help you move forward. Let me know what the results are after trying this on your end. I’ll be right here to assist further.