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Re: QB 2010 issues

Thanks Charles for your interest in the issue I am facing.

I understand what you are saying but I have issues which remain unresolved as explained below:

I had previous run QB Pro 2010 on Windows 10 and had undated my programme going up to R 5. I was and still running the same on my old Dell 13 XPS laptop. However, since the LCD screen is leaking the screen is slowly becoming unclear and hence I purchased a new laptop and transferred all the data to the new one. 

I had the original QB Pro 2010 CD and I loaded the programme on to the new laptop. However, (a) I couldn't open/import the QBB files from the new laptop as the backups were taken in R 5 version on my old laptop, (2) I wasn't able to update the QB version to R 5 on my new laptop - i have already attached the error messages.

So now if someone can send me R 5 link for QB Pro 2010 I may be successful otherwise what are the alternatives?

As I already informed earlier, we are a small club of about 40 members playing table tennis and most of us are retired and elderly.

If everything else fails, I have to revert to maintain accounts on Excel sheet.

Please can a solution to my problem be found amongst the QB Community?

Thanks again.