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Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

I appreciate you coming back to the Community, ginahicks.


Thanks a lot for providing us the screenshots. Knowing so will help us isolate the problem.


The Sales Rep from the Lists menu can be added to sales transactions. However, as you've mentioned the sales rep on the purchase order was added as a custom field in the vendor's profile. Please follow the steps I've laid out below to edit it:


  1. Select Vendors at the top menu bar.
  2. Choose the Vendor Center.
  3. Double-click the vendor's name.
  4. Select the Additional Info tab.
  5. Click the Define Fields box.
  6. Locate the Rep field.
  7. From the What kind of data? column, choose Edit multi-choice list.
  8. Add the names you want to show on the Purchase order.
  9. Click OK twice.


Take a look at this article for the detailed steps: Use QuickBooks Desktop custom fields.


That should answer your concern today.


Please let me know how that works you. I'll be here should you have follow-up questions. Enjoy your day.