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Customize Invoice QB2019 mac

Is it possible to customize invoices in the QB 2019 mac version? I'd like to add a notice about changes in the company that will stand out on the invoice. 

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Re: Customize Invoice QB2019 mac

I'd be happy to assist you today, Pharmaden.

You've come to the right place for help with QuickBooks. Let's get your invoice customized.


To answer your question, yes you can customize the invoice template to add a notice field.


To do that, here's how:


  1. In the invoice screen, click the Edit Current Template.
  2. Go to the Fields tab and change the Other field into Notice.
  3. Drag the field in the Center of the invoice to stand out.
  4. Hit Save.



You may find this article helpful: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/Help-Articles/Use-and-customize-form-templates/m-p/207841.


That's it! Ping me out if you still need help with customizing the invoice template. I'm always here to help you out.