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Re: Paypal transaction fees and class parameter?

Hi Jess,

In this post, please see the screenshot of the Paypal Banking Feed. There doesn't seem to be any way to review these transactions that allows the user to, at review time, assign distinct classes to the "net" portion and to the Paypal fee portion. There is a gross amount donated (e.g. $10 from Jessica,) and QBO and Paypal automatically have identified the fee (e.g. $0.52)  and the net (e.g. $9.48). I want to classify the net as Class 992 Unrestricted Funds and the fee as Class 700 Fundraising.


At present, the only way I am aware of assigning one class to the "net" monies and another class to the fee itself is to do so first accepting the transaction for review from the bank feed with one of the desired classes, and then going, transaction by transaction, and finding all of the (now incorrectly classed) fees by using a custom report and reclassifying them, one by one.