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Quickbooks Desktop for Mac constantly restarting/crashing

I am running Quickbooks version 4.0.7-217 on two Mac's and have been experiencing some very frustrating problems/bugs for the past month or so. I will often have the application open while performing other tasks on my computer and will return to Quickbooks to create an invoice or do some other function and it will have an error saying "something went wrong" and I have to restart the app, and re-log in. Every time. Another major bug I've been experiencing is that any time I try to open a second tab within the app it restarts asking me to log in again, so I am unable to work in more than one tab ever. I have tried the Reset App Data function but it's not fixing the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm running Mojave 10.14.5 on both an iMac and Mackbook Pro.