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Assembly items in POS

We are moving our production inventory from being housed in QB to POS. In POS our assembly items were non inventory items so they could sell them out of POS, but we did the assemblies and housed the inventory in QB. 


In order to move the inventory to POS, I updated the cost on the non inventory items to match the QB average cost of each item. I then changed the item to assembly. I also did a quantity adjustment to update the starting quantities from the inventory we have in QB. Now that I've done all of that, I'm unable to update the assemblies. I select an item to add to the assembly and nothing happens. When I start a new item from scratch, I can update the assembly. So I'm assuming it has something to do with one of the steps I did. 


I couldn't avoid adding a cost otherwise when I did the quantity adjustment in POS, there would be no value difference to wash with the QB inventory adjustment I do to take the items out of QB. I had to change them to assembly to enter the recipes. I'm not sure what would have triggered it to not allow me to update recipes. Any ideas of how to fix this besides creating whole new item codes or where I went wrong?