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Invoice Approval by Client

Is there something you can add to a Quickbooks Online invoice where a client can mark it as approved for payment even though they may not pay it right away?


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Hello ravevaservices,


Instead of sending the invoice right away to your clients, you can send an estimate so they can review the details.

  1. Open the estimate and click Save and send.
  2. Enter the details in the Send email window and click Send and close.

Once they approve the estimate you can then convert it to invoice.

  1. Open the estimate and click the Create invoice button.
  2. Enter the additional details on the invoice and click Save.
  3. Send it again your customer

We'll share your idea to our Product Development Team about the option where a client can approve the invoice. They'll put it into consideration for product updates. This'll help us improve the product to suit your business needs.


Keep us posted if you have additional questions.

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We provide a QuickBooks online solution for this. Go to Apps and search for Listo

We just launched a month ago, I'm curious to hear (good or bad) what you think of it.


Jan / co-founder Listo.io