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"Since you continue to encounter the same result, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team for further assistance. They have tools that will help determine what’s causing the error message to still show after a fix has been rolled out."

Hi Rasa-LilaM,

seasidefuel here. I started receiving script errors yesterday; for the first time ever.(February 10, 2020) I tried reaching out to the Support Team through Chat; but since we are using the 2016 Desktop version; there is no support for us; even though this is a widespread issue. They just tried to sell us the new version(which I was open to, if they would have given us the discount offered when they rolled out the new version as support for the 2016 version was discontinued); but offered no bit of help whatsoever. Obviously the issue IS NOT RESOLVED.

I tried all the steps recommended in the answers in this discussion; including a rebuild of our data. The rebuild showed 2 errors; which it said were fixed. They had nothing to do with banking; yet when I enter a search for those error codes; it continues to bring up banking as the subject. The error codes I received were both related to my "To Do" list. They were Errors 190 and 317. I am still unable to find out what they were; and will probably run another Rebuild to verify that the errors; whatever they mean, are gone.

As far as the script errors; they continue to come upon opening QuickBooks. All I can do is continue to follow this thread; and hope that someone in the community eventually has an answer.  I can only assume that if Intuit won't help in a chat on a widespread problem because we are using Desktop Pro 2016; they won't help over the phone. We don't use many features of QuickBooks(5 features, none of which involve internet communication; with the exception of a few occasional statements sent to customers); which is why we didn't have the need to upgrade based on what the new version was offering for improvements. They didn't effect us.

Thank you for any help you may have; in resolving these script errors; as I make portable copies for our accountant and for restoring our second computer, at another office; using a thumb drive; and don't want to have the script errors popping up on them too!