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Deleting Commented Reports

I saved an Income Statement on which I made comments in "Commented Reports".  I had to revise this Income Statement. So, now the report is now outdated. I want to delete the outdated report so that I do not confuse it with the new corrected version. How do I delete a "Commented Report"?


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I've got you covered, @Willowbrook.


Commented reports are useful and help when trying to maintain and work with others on reports. To delete a commented report:


  1. From the top menu, go to Reports, then Commented Reports.
  2. Pick the Commented Report you'd like to delete by selecting it from the list.
  3. Hit Commented Report in the lower-left corner of the list, then choose Delete Commented Report.
  4. Click Yes to permanently delete the commented report.



That's it! If you'd like to learn about customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop, I recommend checking out this awesome article.


I'm only a reply away if you have any other questions. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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