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Good day, Woodlake.


We're unable to add custom fields or customize the check vouchers in QuickBooks Desktop. For now, these are the only types of transactions that can be customized the moment:


  • Invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Sales receipt
  • Purchase orders
  • Statement
  • Estimate
  • Sales Order
  • Build Assembly

More details abut customizing form templates are thoroughly discussed here: Use and customize form templates.


We're collecting customer feedback and suggestions like this and we'll forwarding them to our product engineers.


Although, if you want to the account names or on your check vouchers, follow the steps in this article on how to do it: Customize a paycheck layout or pay stub.


Most of the updates that were recently rolled out were based on the request and suggestions that were submitted here in the Community. 


The Community Team and other members of the forum are always here if you have other questions.