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Feature request - Linux server support

I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and have three clients (one on Enterprise, two on Premier) who need to keep their QuickBooks QBW file on their Linux file servers for obvious cyber security and cyber insurance reasons. 


All three:

- Run QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode

- Run Windows desktops in their businesses

- Run their business servers (file services chiefly; one also runs their own mail server and a third does that and some of its own digital marketing) on Ubuntu Linux because they don't want the brain damage of having to deal with Windows Server.


In all three cases, they have kludged their QuickBooks installations to host the QBW on one or another of their Windows desktops but this presents some obvious (physical security, backup) and non-obvious (authentication) security issues, besides the obvious business process issue around whether the Windows host is up.


The Linux database server manager described here fails in every case, for at least two of three reasons:

- The DSM installer is an RPM file, which is suitable only for Fedora/Red Hat and not Ubuntu or Debian, which require a DEB installer

- The DSM is compiled as a 32-bit i386 package, not a modern 64-bit x64 package, and will not run on modern Linux operating systems, regardless of installer

- The DSM only supports Enterprise and not Premier


What these clients need is:

- To have the DSM compiled in a 64-bit package that will run on current (16.04, 18.04, 20.04) LTS (i.e., business-class) Ubuntu servers

- A DEB installer package

- Support for Enterprise AND Premier