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Hello, scottrussell.


I can help you convert your QuickBooks Desktop file into QuickBooks Online. Let's get started.


Before you convert your QuickBooks Desktop to an online version, there are certain limitations you need to know and feature differences between the two. 


  • You can import transactions, but you can't export transactions from QuickBooks.
  • There is a maximum number of list entries that QuickBooks can process.
  • When importing assembly items, you can't import data in the item's custom fields.

Here's an article that you can check to know what data can be moved into QuickBooks Online: What to expect when you switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


Once you're done checking, let's try to convert your file again. Be sure to right-click the QuickBooks icon, Run as Administrator, and log in as Admin. After that, updating the QuickBooks Desktop release version is a good start when it comes to fixing program-related issues.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Go to the Update Now tab. Tip: You can select the Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
  3. Select Get Updates to start the download.
  4. When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.Download and install automatic QuickBooks Desktop updates

If you're still the same issue, you can follow the steps in this article to repair your QuickBooks: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.


You can take a look at these pointers to know more about the converting process:


Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online

FAQs about converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online


Let me know how the result of this troubleshooting in the comment below. I need to make sure this is resolved and you're able to convert your file. Have a good one.

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