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I have a strange inventory and I do not know how to solve this. I am both a retailer and a manufacturer. So when i enter inventory, I have non-assembly inventory and assembly inventory. I have a gift shop and e commerce site that we use as non-assembly inventory. I am good there. The problem comes in on the production side of my company. For example, I am a sewing, embroidery, all print company. If you can write on it, wear it, read it, etc.. we produce the goods for that. Here is an example: I buy 1 yard of fabric for $10.99. I make 1 face mask that uses only 8" of the fabric, some elastic, a piece of aluminum, and my time. Total cost 5.25 per mask. I make the mask from raw goods and turn it into a facemask. From there I create a sales order and then an invoice to my customer. Accordingly, I have to receive the goods into inventory (who is the purchaser?)  This is a lot of steps to get things into inventory that are assembly and hard to exactly cost - different fabrics have different costs - I have hundreds of fabrics, do I need to put each into the inventory to receive against when I produce a good?