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Hello there, @CTaylor1040.



Once the review is submitted, the edit option is unavailable. If you don't agree with the review, we have a moderation process to do it. 


If you feel a review is fraudulent or fails to meet our guidelines, you can contact our support. Please prepare with the following information:


  • Full Name (as it appears on the ProAdvisor Profile)
  • The email address linked to the ProAdvisor Profile
  • The Postal Zip code used in the ProAdvisor Profile
  • The URL for the ProAdvisor's public profile
  • The exact text of the review in question
  • Why you suspect the rating doesn't meet our guidelines


Our support we'll investigate the issue internally. If we conclude that the rating doesn't meet the guidelines, we'll either remove it or moderate the rating as necessary. 


You may check this article for more information about the ProAdvisor Review guidelines: Find-a-ProAdvisor Review guidelines.


Please know that we're always here, if you have other questions or concerns, reach out to us anytime. Take care always.

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