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Other questions

Hello there, @KwikBuksNoob.


Allow me to share more details about the QuickBooks Desktop subscription.


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise scales up the functionality allowing up to 30 users, advanced inventory, advanced pricing, and advanced reporting.


To know better about the versions and its' features in comparison, you may check out this page: Plans and Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop.


Regarding the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale you'll just have to have one subscription and just add on POS hardware for each work locations. Here's a link wherein you see the compare chart per version: QuickBooks POS.


I'd also suggest contacting our sales department to help you which QuickBooks Desktop version suits your business. You can see the contact number at the bottom of the Plans and Pricing page.


I'll be here if you have other questions or concerns. I'd be glad to answer them for you. Take care.