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The company files affected are 134MB and 346MB.  They are stored in a dedicated folder on the server on a mirrored 2TB drive. When they act up, they fill the drive to 95+% The files have been verified, defragged, and run through QBFD  numerous times. I have attempted to delete the company file so as to replace it with a BU copy, but it will not delete as it says it is in use by another app. If I view the properties in File explorer it says the file is of normal size but is taking approx 1.5TB of space on the drive. The only way I can resolve it is to cold reboot the server and then QBFD. You can imagine how disruptive that is to 4 veterinary clinics all running quickbooks for accounting plus a practice management app. I am beginning to think I need to put in a dedicated file server ( I can get small ones refurbished for a few hundred bucks) for each QB company file so I can reboot as needed without the disruption to the entire practice. I also have a new SR630 server running Server 2019 and I was planning to move the environment to the new server and upgrade to QB enterprise 20 over thanksgiving, but am concerned I could make the problem worse. I have also looked at the winlogs in the QB toolhub but can't see anything that jumpa out at me. Maybe the thing to do is to move the 2 problem files to the new server and see if the problem goes with them. I really think it's some anomoly with QB18 as it showed up the week following my update from QB17. The only problem is I have to keep the files synchronized as to level as all files are used by some employees so I can't take one company to QB20 without taking them all. I apologize for the rambling but I hope thereis some thing that you notice that I have missed.  Thanks