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Can i clear out unpaid bills that show up from prior year that have been paid

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Let's make sure to clear out unpaid bills from the prior year and I'm here to guide through the steps, rmread81.


The most effective way on how to clear out the unpaid bills from the prior year is to create a Journal Entry. However, I still recommend reaching out to your accountant to verify the accounts that you'll have to use. This way, they can also suggest other ways on how to record those transactions.


Moreover, here's how to create a Journal Entry. 

  1. Click + New.
  2. Select Journal entry.
  3. Fill out the fields to create your journal entry.
  4. Click Save and new or Save and close.

You'll want to print a journal entry report to make sure that you have the information that you need. This way, there's no need to keep running on the report whenever you'll want to see the data. 


Keep in touch if you have any other concerns about unpaid bills. As always, I'm always around if you need further assistance.