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Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2020

My VFW Post bought Quickbooks Pro 2020 for our new laptop so we could begin to transition to more digital record keeping. The individual who initially installed it is unfortunately now not available and I have been asked to take over and set it up the rest of the way and get us started. He did not name a Primary Contact but he is listed as an owner.  Since I do not have his password I cannot a) create users (including myself), change his information to mine to get started.  While I can log into the product under the VFW account password I cannot manage the software.  I have requested 4 times to be made the Primary Contact so I could get moving, and have each time I resubmitted after 4 days or so with the request and documentation identified.  I am looking for how to contact someone or what I can do to get this resolved. The software is registered and activated with Intuit under his name, email and password.