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I need a tech support person to help me with a question about book keeping

QuickBooks Team

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Thanks for checking out the Community space, nativerideauto.


I can guide you on how you connect with our technical supports.


You can utilize our Help icon and chat with QB Assistant, a bot or AI that answers basic QuickBooks questions. Then, select the Talk to a human option so you'll be able to connect with our representatives. You may follow the complete steps that I've listed below:


  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. Select Talk to a human.
  3. Enter "Talk to a human" again in the search bar.
  4. Choose I still need a human, then click Contact us.
  5. Select Get a callback or Send a message to start a conversation.

Although, I'd also encourage posting your questions about bookkeeping on this thread. This way, the Community Team and other QuickBooks users/experts will be able to help you out.


Additionally, If you need some reference in completing your other QuickBooks tasks, you can check our articles here.


I'm just a few clicks away if you have follow-up questions or any other concerns. Looking forward to helping you out.