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Thank you for the details, @Anh Luu!


Currently, we don't have the specific report that matches the details you need. Allow me to provide you with insights about what report to pull up.


What has given by my colleague, @RenjolynC, is correct. We just need to adjust a little detail when you customize the reports.


You can add a column on the report which will show you the status of the transaction.


Here's how:

  1. On the Customize page of the Transaction List by Client report, select Rows/Columns.
  2. Click Change columns.
  3. Select A/R Paid and Account.
  4. Click Run report.

This report shows the statuses of the sales transaction if it's already paid or not. Also, since the report is grouped by client, you can check which invoices those payments are applied to.


Also, saving this customized report will let you pull this up easily. Just click Save customization and then look for it on the Custom Reports tab when needed.


Please know that we are just a comment away, if you need any other help or if you are referring to something else. It'll be our pleasure to help.

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