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How do I track inventory that is being bought in bulk, and sent to a job site as needed?

We are a flooring company and we often times buy bulk materials such as carpet adhesives when they are on sale. Later, when a job that requires those items starts--we send those adhesives as needed. Currently, we do not track these items in inventory. We have been buying materials and logging the cost under "Shop" on the purchase order which would imply that the materials are for our warehouse--which they are not. To rectify this, we often times go back into the purchase order and change the customer to whatever job most of that material probably went to. This is not effective or accurate. As a result, our job costing has been out of whack because the most expensive items--the glues--are not being properly applied to the job. What is the best way to track our inventory and properly apply the cost (per unit) to a specific job? (We are using QB: Premier Contractor Edition 2018)