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Check Register

Thank you so much for all the help and the fast response from the community. I am new to this website and also using Quickbooks Desktop.

-I'm wondering what will happen if i click RECORD on the check register (besides recording the transaction :smileyvery-happy:) . Is this a step I have to do as part of reconciliation bank statements.  or do I simply just ignore the RECORD button.


Also, I just finished reconciling my bank statements for year 2018 but there was one bank statements for one month mid-Dec 2018 that  I did not receive on time of reconciliation. I have already reconcile one of my credit card bank statements but what to go back to add more transactions  for the month I did not entered  mid Dec 2018 -Jan 8th 2019.  How can I go back and enter the transactions to show my New balance on my statement match quickbooks ending balance?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Check Register

Look in the Register view, bottom left, to confirm you are Not checkmarked as 1-line.


Now each two lines is one Transaction. Stop working in the Register View. Make Transactions. Banking menu > Write Check. From the Register view, double-click where you see CHK. Here is the Real View for input. You never even saw the Items Tab, in the register view.


The Record button is the same as Tabbing around to the next Entry. But make transactions. These are Saved and Closed, or just Saved = they Record themselves.


Banking menu > Make Deposit.


Customers Menu for Sales. Invoice, Sales Receipt. Not Register inputs.

Vendors menu for purchases.


Banking menu > Enter Credit Card Charge, when you already Bought something by putting it on the credit card.


You never use the Register for reconciliation. You use Banking menu > Reconcile. This is the Tool for the Function. And you cannot reconcile out of Date sequence.